Reminiscing on Time

It was sometime back when i heckled time on how selfish it was, but of recent times, i could applaud time for its exquisite performance since times of creation. To start with, even God himself forged his way through the tremendous work of creation using the variable of time. He used seven days to create the land and waters, mountains and valleys, man and animals within the stipulated period. From such deductions, it is right to give time the respect it deserves, as even God obeyed the notion of time and succeeded. Coming to think of it, this could be a pillar in the realization of true success, true achievement, and everything else pure. In my post relating time to be selfish, it could be probable that at the time, time was pushing a hot metal rod through my back. Nonetheless, time could prove to be a pain in the ass, as it is evident in persons who have failed to achieve true success.

God having guided us through time management and proving we could achieve wonders, us as the human race could earn a few tips from our creator. Since birth, time becomes essential in our well being. From our first visit to the doctor, or even to school, could tell a lot about our destinies and future endeavors.  I for instance dreaded the hospital primarily because of the smell, dimly lit waiting halls, and obviously the injections. With the injection clause, one could understand my disinterest in tattoos, despite i being a literary artist. It is through such experiences that one deciphers their purpose on this earth with the aim of seeing our creator. In the creation story, we could learn strategies we could use in implementing our own ideas. Through day 1 to day 7, we could harness a formula that we could use to win battles or even overcome challenges we face. More so, from creating day and night to creating a woman from a man’s ribs, we as the human race could learn a thing or two.

In this 21st century, the age of technology and internet have become an essential tool in the development and maintenance of infrastructure across the globe. It has been a catapult that is thought to be a ship for advancement in the livelihoods of humans across the world. With man setting foot in the moon in 1969 to Tesla creating automobiles that tag the advantage of being futuristic. Nonetheless, i believe that we as humans are treading on the wrong track. It being a year of Covid-19, countries in the West are striving to land on the moon  this coming August. Could it be that we are steeping on places we should not? Are we trespassing? Or could the tale of the tower of Babylon repeating itself. With ailments such as Cancer and HIV-AIDS having long killed a significant number of us, this Corona Virus should be something we should critically think about. In this time, we have innovators going to extreme lengths to have their ideas implemented and come to life, but the question really begs, Are all these innovations necessary? God’s creation days should play a key role in this synthesis, making us realize that there is a start and an end in the development process.

On the other side of failure, the creation story should be a full-proof lesson that success comes after a strategic and organized period. With strategy coming in handy with the creation of the woman and organization revealing itself in the seven days God created earth. With the extremes technology, internet, and the recent Artificial Intelligence have positioned the human race, finding cures to malignant diseases like AIDS and Cancer should have become a thing of the past. So, i would reveal that pure success is a process that is wholesome. With the society having labelled the ones who fail to conform with their success standards, they sort of go against the Seven Day Time Rule given to us by our creator. It could be right that the failed persons failed to do this and that, and for this, they are branded failures. Nonetheless, the could use the Seven Day Time Rule to manifest their God-given talents. In this 21st century, Creatives are the knights that strive to counter the extremeness those dubbing themselves successful have forged. Maybe, i as a literary creative, i could find a bearing in investing the Seven Day Time Rule.

Time is in fact timeless, as from the ages of God creating us and earth, to man landing on the moon, and to the rise of Creatives who were previously dubbed as de-generates, i comfortably withdraw the selfish clause from time and brandish it with gold and a flair of diamonds. Time is precious to say the least.

Currency, Equity or Equality?

For such a long period, exchange of goods and services has transformed from goods being exchanged to currency being the primal mode of trade. It is not hysterical to figure that the then famed barter trade would dim its lights. African societies in this era knew and stood by the exchange of goods for goods and other services they did not have. For instance, it would be dumbfounding to realize that a barbershop was somebody who was respected in the then societies as opposed to what we see today. Then, there were rules and guidelines as to how social order was achieved, and money was not an exception.

In our modern societies, currency has become something that the poor strive daily to attain their set monetary status and the rich puppet the same poor individuals for their own benefit. Over the years, from the age of the ancient African, there has been an ever-tense social gap. In the early days, one would see the difference much clearer in the setting of King and servant. The King could get all he wanted and bear in mind that this was a time monarchy was not objected. One could be born into a royal family and throughout their life enjoy the luxurious throws the then society could offer. It is in retrospect that an individual born into the 21st century could wonder mouth agape on such social privileges. In my time, i could say i have witnessed such with the generation of my grandparents. It is as if they were the last to see the last straw being drawn.

It is the same generation that believed in hard work. I’d believe that their parents witnessed the draining monarch system. It is evident that it was during this time in history that they realized that hard work in deed paid. Stories from my grandpa assert that the tribe Kikuyu owned land in the terms of their cultivating capability. It was law to claim and own land by clearing the bush and planting whatever one wished. This was the onset of the famed barter trade in a way that whatever one lacked, they could exchange what they had for what they did not have. However, we could see a special aspect from this perspective. The will and pre-meditation of the then Kikuyu and other tribes in Africa to engage in barter trade is a clear indication of communism, even in those ancient times.

Currency in other parts of the globe was already sipping through the pockets of the wealthy and the poor. For instance, in places like Greece, coins were used to measure the status of an individual. In medieval movies, one could see an individual playing the character of a beggar borrowing silver coins. In the Bible, Jesus Christ was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver. It is clear to acknowledge that currency was in use during such early times. So, one could wonder what were the native Bantu, Nilotes, and Cushites during this significant moment in history. Where were our Albert Einsteins during this time?

With regards to education, i believe Africans were very much informed as opposed to other people across the globe. I would assert my facts by claiming that during colonization, the Bible was used as a tool to harness a deep collective understanding. It is through such understanding that ancient chains such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), human sacrifice, and other mysterious events that brought the typical African to the ground. It is through the same informal education, that the then Africans maintained a social order that is sought after till date. With the ever-growing interest of determining the culture and social nature of the ancient African, currency would be an important focal point to assess this dialogue of being a true African.

Equity is usually based on the needs and wants of a particular individual, while equality on the other end is based on the sharing of resources based on equal amounts regardless of the level of wants and needs an individual has. African societies then had equity, which is provable by the way they exchanged their goods on market days. Greed and mischief was something catapulted by the then white settlers by grabbing massive amounts of land. So, currency is ought to be flexible as it was during the times of barter trade. Nowadays, banks are the last resort in terms of money and other money-related issues. We have witnessed fraud of the highest margin being vindicated round the comforts of bank accounts and mysterious issuance of government tenders. The 21st century dictates that one should strive and work hard to achieve such status. However, this has led to a rot in the system so massive that it is only our ancient African style that could save us from this humongous ogre of consumerism.  In this context, i advocate for equity in reference to the ancient mode of barter trade.

Can Charisma Clean Africa’s Dirty Linen?

Africa, this is our clean slate

The Power_House...

Well the December holidays are just about to catapult and invoke every spirit of festivity across the globe. We are here again, where we spend on high-end bottles, garments, and other sort of sweet musings. As a country am proud we have seen this dark moment we refer to as January approaching from a distance laden with school fees and other new ideas concocted in beer dens. The media is actually doing their job by guiding Kenyans on their spending habits this festive season. Actually rumor has it that people are ‘releasing brakes’ after a tiresome 2019, chasing after their resolutions only to realize that it is just a blur. Yet we pull down our Head of State for appointing old people in top government positions. What we have is dirty linen so dirty that washing it on the streets is close to the saying one does not wash dirty…

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Owning Your Own.

Remember the mornings you used to carry that school bag with a face full of the anticipation of meeting up with schoolmates to catch up and share their imaginative opinions of the previous episode of Conan. (I had my own carved sword), it is almost laughable, but at the same time could be a revelation on how we could handle this pandemic, which obviously will take some time before the medics are able to handle. So here i am, following the president’s directives of healing and entertaining through words woven to broaden our very own perspectives. It was during those mornings that i planned on how i would dodge the English Teacher, as homework duty was close to undo-able in the then lively days. The sun would kiss hard on our foreheads as we played with marbles and cut corners with our bikes in a way one would think the devil was chasing behind. It was during these days that friendships grew primarily because of the specialized roles each of us took in the completion of the society then and in modern times.

Owning your own could sound like a paradox or a word woven within a word to sound cool or garner a fan base? What i imply by owning your own is more like getting to know what you like better. Should i take my tea or coffee with two or three sugars? This is the thought process am encouraging you the reader to engage in. Owning your own, getting up to get what you want. Back in my primary school days, every morning i left that gate of mabati, my mind was already on the thought process that Math was a double that day, and in some mysterious way, the whole day would go down the drain. I would impose that Saturday was the best day of my week. It was always sunny, rather a coincidence as most of them were indeed sky blue sunny. It was during these times where one could hit on your classmates with plans of meeting up after both of you were dropped off. It is rather shameful it being a memory but believes me then you would be more like Spider man or The Green Lantern, or even the famed Batman. Then, it was easier to own your own.

Then, it was in recent time that education happened and we found ourselves in campus during the last decade. (2010-2019). It was a bit hard to really settle and secure one’s own niche. It was this thought that prompted this piece. To me, during the earlier times, it was in deed easy to plan your day and get things done. I am sure that to some, adulthood sucks. It was the other day i woke up at around 5 in the morning and realized that some wake up to go to offices at this time. I would amicably say that it is an honorable act to wake at this time for work. In fact, kudos to such people, they already owned their space; they specialized in what they felt appropriate to their time and expertise. I again say, those memories of carving swords out of wood may seem a shame now, but then, that was the thought process i owned at that specific time in history.

Well, i bet by now you the reader is sure that owning your own is not paradox or even words woven to sound cool. In this current global hitch we have, it would be wise to own your own. It is also wise to track back to your roots and discover your true self, more like a digital footprint, which i would comfortably claim to be one’s own roots. During this time of war against the Covid-19, it is wise to own your own. Stay Home and Stay Sanitized!


Underdogs is a cliche that is fabricated by a massive audience with a primal motive of forging an identity from raw engagement with a group of people with the same interests. However, there is a bar that is set by bureaucrats with an aim of siphoning the heroes we recognize to date. Nonetheless, a majority of the so-called underdogs waste potential with  the after-thought of becoming champion one single day. This sets up a fixed mindset where one is lost in oblivion striving and making it big one sunny morning. This is a miracle to others as luck hits once in a man’s life. Being an underdogs at times helps as one gets to get a better understanding of one’s unique destiny. So, the question is, Is being an underdog the thing we need right now?


Well, history claims that Americans at some point during the World War were patriotic and gave up their families to fight for the freedom and independence of the United States of America. Underdogs in the eyes of the basic structure of the society are rejects. They validate  this point by referring to the famed education system. I would wonder how the office life is. I really wonder. It is without a doubt that in ancient Greece, philosophers were in fact within the committee of  the then ruler. Art was basically their escape; to be much clear their release valve. I continue to imagine the lifestyles of ancient societies, particularly African culture. In the West, small towns came up, and within this towns there was a doctor in one corner, a banker at the other end of town and most probably a bakery on an alley. Funny thing is, we African and the rest of the world were small scale farmers with a few of them forging ahead with large scale.


Back to the African setting, my tribe the Kikuyu, used to have a communal land where everyone played part in planting, cultivation, and harvesting of the crop. I could not blame the traders who stole our color; as today we still have human traffickers today. I bet our brothers and sisters across the world are striving in this 20th century. Nonetheless, looking at the native tribes of Kenya, they too owned land communally.  It was also in the early 70’s county councils in our very own Kenya where shops were co-signed to a maximum of four individuals. It was African that we did our duties together, and it actually helped. Such culture is what is taught in our modern-day universities across the globe. So, question still remains, are underdogs the real heroes?


As i grew up in the green sides of Kirinyaga, it was casual that folks worked hand-in-hand to make their bread and also of those of their families back at home. I believe the word underdog is foreign to the African spirit, as if it were they worked hand-in-hand day-in-day out,  from dawn to dusk; then i’d confidently say that then unity was paramount. Looking closely at the traditional African setting, one would notice that there were different roles  assigned to each member of a community had a role to play. Without a doubt that was the tiny cog that set the ball rolling. It was this cog that engaged tribes people as young as 4 being educated: this was later termed to be dubbed as informal education. This begs the question, did we Africans might have enjoyed their time the best. (This is in retrospect to ancient Kikuyu tribe.) . At this point, i join the underdogs this round.


I’d think that there were the same healers, prophets, blacksmiths, potters, and Kings that were found in the West as mentioned earlier. However, in this context, question really begs if at all its the other way round. Bureaucrats improvised a structure that could elevate the human race through education. It has worked quite a deal over the past centuries with creatives like William Shakespeare becoming immortal through his works. In today’s education framework, he would not have stood a chance. As a literary artist, am humbled he shone light to other writers for quite such a long time that to date, critics have come up with short films that aim to cripple this literary Legend. During his days on earth, he was an ordinary guy; obviously despised by the then societal standards set by the bureaucrats of that time. In this context, William Shakespeare was in deed an underdog. I best believe that he missed an opportunity for a proper education. I affirm again underdogs remain the true heroes.


We all have had some bad days, made bad choices in our most critical moments of decision-making. I believe with this global pandemic Covid-19, it was clear that the world shook to its knees with mighty States such as the United States initiating a lock down with intent of saving lives. Serenity according to modern-day gypsies is simply taking hard stuff for the things they cant change and sipping coffee for the things they can change. To me, this is a bit awkward to leave things at a finality without much intrusion. In this context, whiskey and coffee are items that can go in handy one way; however, as per my take, i’d start with the whiskey and kill the hangover with the coffee. Serenity right? I too thought so. Today being the nineteenth date in the month of April in the year 2020, i’d say that serenity is the road map towards the recovery of this Covid madness.


A moment of silence to casualties in Italy and other parts of the globe as doctors and nurses strive to save the lives of somebody’s father, or even a sister or a brother. Serenity is more like an individuals way of  saying this is where i can go, but i can go further within an additional time or even resource. Serenity is meant to stabilize the bad days and sweeten the good days: Days with the bright skies with a blue dome covering the beauties of nature. Wait, what if doming is the only way out? It would work in those places we call foreign, but what about us? Is serenity the option? Is sanitizing our (African)  way of protecting ourselves from this pandemic? In our country, one would see a sigh of relief from the Minister of Health, especially yesterday when he wore a pink sweat shirt. It would be amicable to see our leaders behave in such a manner in pre-Covid times.


Talking about leadership, it was yesterday when a few party die-hards found themselves on the wrong side of the law, apparently, some leaders who are on the first ladder in their political career were on the list. What does that tell you? Does it ring a bell? Wajinga nyinyi was a smoke signal and this is just a strike of the match. Away with that for now, we are talking about being serene to such negative ambiance. For me,  this year is promising unlike other years. A career in hand, a damsel in mind, and at least a few coins here and there. For sure serenity is close to being mindful and being assertive at the same time. With this, as you wear that mask, wash your hands, or sanitize, remember to practice serenity.


We all remember that one person who gave you that first nickname. Yeah, I too feel that lump forming at your throat. That name would turn your guts inside out especially if it were in front of that crush we all had in our younger days. Nicknames were formed as a weapon to defeat an opponent in terms of character and morals. I knew of a classmate who used such demoralizing names to clinch another’s girl. It was rough those days, days when boys used any weapon (including academics) to bring a nemesis down. It was during these times that one took pride in the handle one was assigned. I went by Goliath, apparently am a bit huge than average. I loathed this name especially from peers. The name was however, a charm to the crushes we all had, and only then, did it serve a purpose.


Today, nicknames are typical with almost everyone wanting to have one. The inception of technology and the development of applications such as Facebook have led to the craving of one disguising oneself under a persona they desire. This is a significant difference as opposed to what we were used in our younger days Nicknames were apparent in my high school days (2007-2010) as they represented the men we desired to become once they joined institutions of higher learning. It was at this point, where cool names were proudly worn similar to the case of a military officer wearing their medals on their shoulders. It was such an honor in high school to bear a popular nickname for the same reason, damsels and they were hot. Nicknames at some point could be associated to how we develop our cognitive skills.


Over the years, we bear the names given to us by our friends and at times our enemies. These names are primal in the development of our identity. Identity that is straight forward in front of our eyes right now. Maybe it is in the taste of your favorite drink, or it is in the type of partner you chose, or even the car that is parked out of your house. Identity is crucial to the representation of an entity whether it is an object or  a living being. In the traditional societies, names were quite significant in the creation of reputation of a stipulated family tree. It was evident that even in courts, names were critical as they could save a man from getting to the hangman’s loose. In the traditional African setting,  nicknames were close to insults as one was vindicated to their behavior. With time, the society broke its moral belt and it went a bit lower and names lost their true meaning. It is absurd that after colonization, African tribes got victimized with new standards such as formal education, fabric, and perfume.


It is through nicknames that we get to have a rough idea of who we might get to be in the future. If we look at our artists today, it is through nicknames they brand themselves and find their pot of gold (ideas) through the times and experience they went through growing up. So, next time you brandish your friend or foe a nick name, be mindful, that could be the road leading to their destiny.

Juvenile Delinquency.

The day was a Friday afternoon and i was busy listening to a lecture by a tall Mrs, who wore her hair short. She was lecturing on Juvenile Delinquency. In this age and time, there is an upsurged rate of this menace and younger and even older generations are falling in this trap. It is crucial to note that the term juvenile means a criminal who is under the stipulated adult age as governed by a state or nation. With such a definition, it would be true to claim that in every generation there are delinquents that continue to spice up the world. We all know that work without play makes Bill a dull boy. In past occasions, there has been a major marginalization of people’s minds and perspectives simply because of cognitive identity. All we do is wonder whether  am i smarter than the next person or even am i dumber than the person sitting next to me.

With such ideologies, we get to wonder over everything we do, as if we expect it to go any other way. Such is disguised as  risk, which we all know that a significant population believe that it pays in the end. I would beg to differ to the notion that claims that it pays. Because, a majority of us begin to plan big projects/plans then begin to decipher ways in which they would achieve the desired results. Now with the notion that clarifies the cognitive identity of an individual as to whether they are  smart or dumb would fog the person in engaging their maximum potential. It is through such systems, labels such as delinquents are cast with the ones on the greener side who think that they are smarter and better than the rest. Having sat in an economics class for close to three years, i have learnt to take everybody i meet equal and equitable, as principles of demand and supply  state balance is the only thing that is right, or as the books of accounts demand balancing for the monetary process to remain stable.

Over the years, experience taught me: it being the best teacher, that being equitable is priceless. You literary cannot place a price tag on equity. We have seen countries (Italy) that exhibit might in world economies, crumble to the ground simply because of a new virus that has yet to find its kryptonite. Yesterday in Kenya, a mheshimiwa (Leader) tested positive to the deadly virus. Here in this case, I decipher the notion that bridges cognitive ability. One would think that people with money are smarter than others simply because they value smartness with the amount of money in the stipulated person’s account. . In this country, it is evident that those with  money scoop top positions in government claiming they have for too long starved in the private sector; look at the United States with Trump. Well, for so long since time immemorial, there has been a population that has been marginalized.

In our societies today, cognitive identity is a subject of discussion for the subject at a young age as 10. You’d see families identifying cognitive strengths and weaknesses of their younger members as they grow and develop. I mean, why would one cage another person? Simply because according to them and their times, one going in a certain way is likely to end up in a box. The same box that was designed by the same people who wonder if the next person is smarter than them. Ridiculous isn’t it? I thought so too. Me being African, i would think that our leaders should be nominated in accordance to their character and personality not according to cognitive measurements and money value they boast of. In the past, Kingship was through monarch, a system that segregated a family for eternity to serve the community. One could wonder? Why them? Or even; Why always them? It is such negative energy that created the label Juvenile Delinquency. (Are defined as a group(s) of people that either engage in anti-social behaviors, that often lead to criminal behavior.)

Since time immemorial, generations have suffered under the pressures of identity. I was a victim too once (Three wasted years), SMH! It is not without a doubt that not everyone has honest intentions, but there is a group of people that are dubbed not smart and are not fit for the white and green collar jobs. This specific group of people  continue to think that those who drop out of school are likely to become hawkers in bus stops. I mean, could you believe this! Well, currently, the once mighty academia is at risk. Those who previously thought they had secured their futures through a sheet of paper, are the same ones that standing in long queue in food malls busy stocking food supplies with the notion that the virus won’t  affect their lifestyles in any way. Why such ignorant behavior? Money of course, their bank accounts have multiple commas. Now, an artist is having their time of their lives primarily because they now have the power to expose themselves in every way they desire. Creativity is an element that has been shunned in most generations with a majority of them being dubbed as juvenile delinquency. It is time we as a human race should quit the labels and work harmoniously with one another despite of the profession/career one pursues. It is time we shunned dullness and appreciate the beauty of a creative mind.


People of the Past,

I ponder on history so much, you’d think am old. However, every time i look at my folk’s photo album, i the curiosity gets more deep every day every second i think about the past. What am sure of is that cameras were not that advanced as they are today. It is in these photo albums that i imagine of the life lived by the people of the past. It is without doubt that the then situations were as advanced to that time; meaning that life is without a doubt simple. It is through such photo albums filled with colored, and black and white pictures that hold the key to the future. It is abrupt that newer generations are loud enough to outshine other generations, of which they are on the winning side. In our country Kenya, they call it a wave, but what if these guys are just delinquents?

In the past societies, word is that people lived knowing and learning each day, and in fact, food was plenty. It was in these days that mad men and women ate just like kings of today. It was in these days that morals were as stiff as iron and education was more prized as compared to today’s excellence. Manual labor was the physical strategy parents used to drive away laziness and induct authority within their homes. Now, there is this debate that men should be allowed to marry more than one wife. They even run to the Bible to justify their claim; nonetheless, in today’s societies, even one wife is a bit tricky for some men. See, in previous times, it was a measure of wealth. Ironical? I bet so. Then people didn’t have to go to school for a whole day (I loathe classes btw) and would await darkness where they would gather the children and the grandma could tell them stories as they roasted maize. Tasty, Right? I thought so too.

Well, we have to believe that before the camera, the surroundings were  quite similar as to ours today. More so, they even enjoyed the air as it was fresher full of oxygen as compared to our foggy air. In first world countries, the war for environment intensified primarily after the 16-year-old Greta Gutenberg championed for climate conservation. In our very own continent Africa, Ethiopia has emerged with a day where their citizens have a public day for tree planting. With such incentive, their country has clean natural air as compared to other countries. See, in the past, if tree planting was put in their schedule, it would be a thing of the norm. Looking at the generation born in the 40’s, one would notice they have a certain way of doing their things as compared to the 70’s generation. More so, the 40’s group their seesaw is balanced between old age and morals. To them, they made it to their 80’s primarily because of the lessons they learnt from firewood stories and what they saw with their own eyes.

Mugo Wa Kibiru, the re-known seer, saw a black snake and white butterflies. To the people then, they knew there was something coming. When the Europeans came into Africa and built railway stations across their territories, people realized that in fact Mugo had prophesied the coming of the White man. I believe that during this time, tradition was fading as it is without doubt that people doubted his vision despite the common analogy that names carried significance throughout the person’s life. With such deductions, it is typical that in fact names do carry an element meant to guide the person throughout life. So, it is in these times that the camera came and captured African culture, an aspect that we celebrate to date. However, i still wonder if some of the secrets and taboos formed during the time of our ancestors are true.

Religion was a primal pillar in the past, as it was also where people changed their lives, and others praising and worshiping the wonders the Lord has done in their lives. It is evident that in our African culture regardless of the location and ethnicity, religion was the back bone, as each and every tribe, the Europeans included, did worship God. With such in mind, one would figure that we and the people of the past are all in the same basket. More so, one would appreciate their ancestors and predecessors for gifting us their ways they lived life, and with that in our hands, question is: What will the younger generation learn from you?

Hiding Places.

Nice hiding place,

There are certain places I don’t frequent. People I really don’t interact with and very many words I’d like to say and do, though not in their faces. Sometimes I tell my mirror and I’m afraid she is going to crack if I continue yelling at her like that. I call her Daisy. Daisy has seen me at my absolute worst. Like that day I invited Amos over and we played with candle wax. It was a thrill. For him. Me, I hated him. Hated that he’d seen and defiled my temple. Cried in front of Daisy scrubbing the scent of burnt sausage off of me. He likes them burnt and well, he was shoving his own into my ass and I called all my ancestors pretending to like it. That day I beat up Daisy. A bit too hard. She cracked, halfway, right at the bizarre angle to show…

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