2021 in a Nutshell…

2020 has been the year where almost everyone lays blame for their misfortunes. Regardless of the pandemic, there are people who minted billions in various means attached to the Covid-19. We have the Internet giants who apparently became double their worth. We could see Amazon enhancing transactions online, an avenue that was before thought to be filled with degenerates across the globe. I in particular have found a fat cow in the writing industry where apparently the Internet is involved. Before the work-from-home, it was as if people in my line of work were just invincible in the sense that the white-collared thought themselves better as they had a baseline and claimed that we did not pay tax. This was an attribute that troubled my thoughts as this was where i had found my pot of gold, yet the rigid system denied me the freedom to express my talent to the larger global audience. It being 2021, am looking forward to claiming that pot the government having put us in the tax bracket.

This past 2020 has been full of realities. It started with the campaign against police brutality where one George Floyd (May his soul Rest in Peace) was killed by a police officer in the middle of a street. Apparently, the officer made bail and is out in the streets. One would wonder how the Justice system of a 1st world country is literally in the gutter. Leave alone our own judicial systems that younglings’ desire to graduate in LLB only to find themselves in a cobweb that dictates their responses to the injustices that haunt the corridors of Justice. With the global response to the brutality, the world saw the unity of the black community; a stance that initiated a campaign that fought for the right of the black person. The feedback was positive as even Africa’s heartbeat could be felt across the world (A rare engagement). Those who lean on conspiracy could claim that the dreaded virus was a target for the Motherland. However, if that was the intention, those behind the puppets should call this Corona off, regardless of how mighty they could have become on their stay on this earth.

Now, with Africa, there have been efforts made by the Pioneer Pan Africanist who aimed at diverging Africa’s attention through the slavery chapter. They fought for the independence of the African man from oppression, and they won our independence from our white masters. This has been a victory that is almost blinding us in this new decade. If it were slaves, the Americans were still in bondage for three years in Japan. Why don’t we hear them complaining of slavery as much as the Black person smears the tag? I saw them in bondage, what happened to us was beyond any human understanding. They put chains through our legs and arms, sank hot metal deep into our black skins. It is a shame to them to date. I would find it a heavy burden to a white person born after 1990 being troubled by what they ancestors did based on the fact that the black community has refused to move on from this catastrophe to date.

The Japanese held the soldiers who were caught during the World War 2 with the intent of them building a railway track, which they built with the help of the Indians. I saw their figures then and believe you me, they were frames of a human person with skin covering their insides, which drew out their ribs, hips, cheekbones, knees, and their ankles. So, my Black brothers and sisters, appreciate that our ancestors built those who dub themselves First World. Maybe it will happen in retrospect and us of African descent will inherit the land of Canaan. It being the second day of 2021, it would be my humble decree that all world leaders come together and preach peace and unity, and advocate for engagement of the now elite African (Like Myself). In any case, Happy 2021 people!


A note to my old(er) self,

The year is 2020 December. Christmas is just about the corner and the festive sensation is becoming ambient in the atmosphere. If you’d have asked me whether this year would be the year i shifted gears, I could have comfortably said yes, and affirmed the statement openly. Look at where we are now, it is December and almost everything is turning upside down. A time past i was asked why i have to work from home. I said it is work and i have to still do it. The only difference is that i go through schedule from home where the norm is office environment for one to properly fit in the category. This minute people across the globe are stuck on Zoom as a platform to air their meetings. It has become the new normal. It has to be strange for those guys, nonetheless, the Internet came through and people are engaging on a much more personal level as compared to before where people had to buy tickets for international flights. The new normal provides ample time for real time discussion. Old(er) self, take note of this new normal, it really could be the new normal in times to come.

Old(er) self, this year 2020 could have been the year i made my big break, it could be the year i could have stepped into the great doors that would have diversified my approach in this writing industry. An industry of books, here old(er) self people read numerous of books a month leave alone a year. This version of you has started this thrilling walk with the good old books, a walk that elevates status quo if harnessed purposefully. It is in this gesture that this version could see you leaning on a pile of books, elbow to book. This would be the day the Lord would have made, a day where i would not mind not winning any accolades and if won, they would be on a shelf somewhere. But this moment of you the old(er) self elbow to book would be the most glamorous moment if not the best. A day satisfaction will ooze simply because this self did not give up. This young(er) self was knowledge and experience hungry to reach out and try new fresher things. I would think of 2020 going as i planned, as purposefully i would affirm that the walk is indeed thrilling.

I could believe it is at this time that makes the difference in the life of a young person. Dear old(er) self i think this situation is well-thought through. The Swahili have this methali ‘Ujana ni Moshi’ meaning youth is short-lived. I could say if the ones in the third floor(i heard this from a person) could attest to this. In their mid twenties, they sought independence in terms of basic needs, finances, relations, and even educational quo. It was well-thought. For some it worked and they are happy with their small families eager to see what is in store for them in their daily routines. Then , there are the ones who failed to nail it. I read that patience is not a matter of just waiting, it is a matter of waiting with a positive attitude. So this group that is leaning on the gutter could be the ones who saw their youth fade into thin air. Consumerism encroached their once fertile lands and they lived under the dome of their mid-twenties oblivious of their fresh blossoming into their early thirties, a new floor.

This note to my old(er) self is well-thought in that this self acknowledges the wit of ink and paper. When this old(er) self gets to read this, he could write another note maybe to our self let’s say who is in the fifth or sixth floor, it will be a moment close to the elbow rest made of books. In this, i could say that memories do come through in one’s growth and development. Per say, they are as unique as a human’s finger print. With these, we find purpose on different scales yet all aim at success. It is through this that cultures form and grow. It would be satisfactory to find people evolving in their respective cultures in the future. I would have affirmed that ink and paper surely does work. A note to my old(er) self, enjoy life.


Do you at all remember spinning round and round on a small spot then suddenly stop? Yeah i know you do, i also spun and waited to stagger when i was a toddler. It was fun and games and the apparent stagger act was cool somewhat to the small girls we tried hard to please. Little did we know we would literally stagger into our early twenties with bottle in one hand and a stick of tobacco in the other. This is where we lost balance and crumbled down fast oblivious of the imminent danger, we still had the bottle closely tucked behind our long coats of prejudice. We were like the long lost Wild Wild West cowboys in the then movies we used to watch as kids. The long coats were brushing against the dusty road we chose to travel, laughter cringing at every joke however dry, that was made. All that misery because we missed on balance.

I would say that balance as simple as it sounds is what makes the difference between the thin line of success and failure. It is in this balance that a conjoint relation of choice and responsibility is woven in such a way that one balances properly through the jaws of being youthful. It is a bit tyrannical that we adhere to some proverbs we found along the way of our growth and development. For instance, there is a Swahili proverb saying Ujana ni Moshi meaning, youthful nature is short-lived. I would as a youth take this as a precaution not to do certain things society does not approve. It would be a black and white type of affair, not doing this because so and so said so in a past society. I would rather live in the now make mistakes, move on, and attain balance in the society i engage with.

In this century, Africa is getting limelight for the first time in a long time, and also in a positive way. However, we Africans living in this time are wrong about something, we think wearing Ankara clothes, brandishing our hotels with wood furnishing, and our women wearing turbans (i would like to see this) is African. We forget that yes it is indeed exciting to wear heritage, but it is also important that we as humans live in this moment. It is so as a layman would say it is for the betterment of the generations of tomorrow. Some could say that we should live in this moment as humans for the very essence of having a future other coming generations could appreciate. It is formidable to claim that balance is what will enable us to go into the next stage. I would also say that the unification of Africa, an initiative everyone on the planet is talking about, balance is crucial lest we remain the third-world continent as everyone else knows us to be.

Balance is a simple word yet it carries a lot of weight. It is through this balance that the kids in us used to spin in circles for the fun of it, and it is the same balance that will unite Africa one day, a day where there will be one Continent, not a United States of Africa, but a united Africa, spirit and soul, just as it was in the days of no electricity. Days where firewood was the sole light in a homestead. It is in this context that balance could solve our differences in this time and space, and it is this perfect equation of choice and responsibility that would foster growth and development. Balance is key to the equation lest we fall like in the days where our coats were long and carried dirt at the edges, days that the bottle was held close to our hearts, days that balance was only a word.

Growing Up,

There was a time when i was 10 and had the thought of who i would become when i hit 20 years old. I could say the thought was exciting enough as my mind hazed ten years into the future. It was the other day i remembered of this thought on the day in hit exactly ten years old in 2003. Today actually a minute ago, the thought of my ten-year-old self wondering of how my 20-year-old self would become popped. I would suppose the ten year old would have thought to be married by the time they hit 20, might be as well a dose of puberty. Here i am 17 years later with not so clear images of my 20-year-old self. Was in KU for sure. Who would have ever thought i’d be the one behind a computer typing keys, which would follow to a rhythm. A tune close to music to the ears of the writer. It was my twenty year old self that should be probable to have cut through the bushes in search of a clear road. My ten year old would be surprised to see his current 2020 version, or maybe he would give the latest a high five.

I’d say growing up was quite a handful. I would suppose it was the time almost everywhere most of the populations were living in urban suburbs. Livelihood then was an adventure. It was also an era where radio and TV were typical appliances in most homes. To those from affluent backgrounds, they had the colored TV, which was quite an advantage. Employment in Kenya was stable and people from Universities secured jobs without much of trouble as we do today.It was a society that was enlightened and was accepting of social matters that were affecting them. I would see order and discipline despite the fact that we went to the river and at times close to town. During these times, discipline was instilled either with a stick or a slipper. I am saying these times were like they were never going to end. It was usual for one to eager with anticipation to the following day. In this context still, I was in deep-thought of how my twenty-year-old self would have accomplished. Guess there was some growing up to do there.

In between 15 and 17, i was in high school and there was a publication of the School Journal. I remember grabbing a copy i still have to date. The pages are actually like the year 2008. A bit formal with a slight graphic design touch to it. The Chief Editor is on the first page after turning cover, who would have known that today i would also bear the same not same same same Editor at WSA-K. That kid am sure did not have clues as to what was really going on, or maybe i was nearing the 20-year-old that had his way in most of his endeavors.Back to the magazine. The difference between who i was when i held that magazine for the first time is that i am in a magazine now. As i read the articles written by fellow schoolmates i did not recognize that they wrote out of passion, not as a matter of efficiency system but from a writer’s point of standing. I have to give respect to such people as i would have given them many thumbs up and a few high fives. Among st the pages, there is a section where the school captain, his deputy, and the dining hall captain had their photos and aspirations printed in the magazine. The dining hall captain said his vision entailed him to lead the nation. In fact, these are the people receiving the high fives and the thumbs. They already had a vision as to what they deemed fit for them to operate to their full potentials. A decade later, this gentleman is a Lawyer in the country.

So, a question begs, do we have to visualize our desires for us to get the energy and knowledge to carry out the dreams we visualize. I would suggest that this could affect motivation on how we do our routine duties. As in, if one failed to achieve their visualized goals they stagnate and fill themselves with non-literal information with intent of justifying their defeat. Look at Donald Trump, he is giving excuses as to why he lost in the just ended U.S election. Such behavior is linked to the traits of a fixed mindset. A state that will make one give excuses for facing a setback. I would say this is where the chance for growth comes in, as in the case of Joe Biden. Sadly, it a choice that is hard enough that it could pass just with the click of a finger. It is true since if you asked my former three selves (The ten-year-old, the 15-year-old,, and the 20-year-old) that i would stumble into writing as a full-time career, i would have just laughed and probably walk away. I needed to grow up for sure,he-he.

Growing up is the best choice as it leads us to new paths. I would affirm that kids do have that fun of discovery. They are inexperienced and have limited access to movement and knowledge. Despite such setbacks still, growth lies there waiting for your grasp. In an urban suburb setup, it was typical to notice those that had failed to secure an education farming. Today those farmers own large tracts of land where they are still farming. Vision also has proved to be of essence primarily because of the gauging of one’s desires. With this, i could bet everyone is allowed to follow their passion regardless the simplicity or the complexities of their visions. Nonetheless, it is clear that growth is paramount, and i would give my 10-year-old a fist bump for the tremendous visualization that shaped who i became 17 years later.

Understanding Purpose,

There was a day someone said purpose was key in achieving one’s goals whichever their capacity. I did not get it at first. I was still in my 2nd year of this thrilling journey. I said i’d think about it until now. Purpose is what drives us. We have had labels such as rat race to a population that is determined to achieve their goals. On this, i slightly disagree with the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. I read the book sometime back and it was an eye-opener on matters concerning financial stability. It was in this rat race, that famed the globe with everyone now wanting out of the purported miniature race. We saw the rise of young executives ready to conquer markets with their innovative products and services. The book sort of works in either of the ordinary employed person with the 8:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m schedule and to also the guys who want to escape the tag and they end up opening companies at a young age.

The other day, Mark Zuckerberg’s movie showed the combination of purpose and the rewards of the growth mindset. He spent hours behind his laptop coding and getting his coordinates right. It is almost laughable that he was creating a platform where people could send pictures and messages with friends from the same platform. Him using the name ‘The Facebook’ clearly defines Zuckerberg’s identity. A decade later, he is dubbed a tech millionaire. Purpose is engraved in the Superman wardrobe of Mark Zuckerberg. He spent hours trying to achieve his true happiness, which was invention. In this century, tech inventors are the bomb. In past times, we have seen Albert Einstein, Tesla, Newton, and the likes of the Great Henry Ford. These were the revolutionaries and scientists who gave what we now know in the present. Two things were common in all these geniuses, they had purpose and adopted the growth mindset, an attribute that saw them try again even after failing numerous times. Glad we have art, it is much easier.

If you take a keen look at such visionaries, hey knew that if they balanced their equations correctly, they would have found their pot of gold. Of course, anything without purpose would lack several other important essentials for the success of the goals. With this, the inventors use their time and dedication in pursuit of their projects and theories. I would say that these few people have a massive influence in the continuity of every individual’s routine duties. For instance, if Zuckerberg woke up and shut down Facebook, there would be an economic crises across the globe. Same to the Theories of Newton’s Laws of Physics, it is a fundamental topic in education systems across the world. I would say during Newton’s and Einstein’s era, life was quite interesting. I would imagine of a situation where one would wake up and find something new that would make their life easier. In today’s time, the Internet has evolved from basic connections to morphing into a practicality of its own refereed to as The Internet of Things (IoT). The same notion of discovery still works for humanity.

Taking a close look at purpose it is essential to understand purpose for the easiness of goal achievement. It is not wrong to use 21st century massive discovery of Internet in enhancing one’s purpose. Even the early man used fire to his advantage. In the same scene of this man striking two rocks together to discover fire, it is in the same equation as of the likes of Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and Isaac Newton. however, it is crucial to get to the growth mindset. There is a dose of resilience in that. I did understand purpose and it works just fine.

Pick One; Evolution or Revolution…

2020 is a year that has rocked us up left, right, and centre. This covid-19 menace has brought about tears, sobs, and shoulders to lean on to the victims of the pandemic. Here in Africa, the disease is not as rampant as it is in other parts of the world. For instance, in the streets of Paris, there is little to no activity in its most populous roads. There is France, the people in the streets have moved to the beds in the hospitals. Gasping for air, as they look into their last moments, family at home anxious as to whether they would see their loved one again. That is what the pandemic is bringing to the table, a deadly stream of mass deaths across the world. Nonetheless, with the shutdown of major operations in government, people are beginning to see the realities of their societies. It is with this contradiction that this pandemic could bring with it a leap of hope regardless of the dark dome we all are enveloped.

            It was the other week that Nigeria saw its youths in the streets rioting against police brutality. I would discourage the youths in that country against disunity and instead become united in the same spirit they barricaded the roads in Lagos and other major cities in Naija. This could resemble the notion of a revolution: The youths against the police and the government. However, we have seen this very stance in European countries such as France, England, and the United States, the same rioting has taken place in the plight of equal rights for women, LGBT rights, Black Community, and other global theatrics. It is a thing we do not know is that we the youth are the ones these top government officials look up to. It is what drives them to pursue funding and champion for the inclusion of the youth in their routine government forums. We as the youth in this time should initiate governments and pitch our time-changing ideas with prospects of implementation.

            The story of evolution circles round the notion of humans morphing into several forms before attaining the ultimate Homo sapiens. History books credit Kenya to being the region to inhibit the earliest form of human order at a place known as Olduvai Gorge. Evolution dictates that life forms change in accordance to their surrounding environment. Men being the most intellect, he learned through the climate changes on how they either could slightly or massively change their order with an aim of survival. Looking at polar bears, they hibernate for quite some time keeping away from the cold. Before such hibernation takes place, the bear eats to its fill storing even water in its body. Evolution is exciting and bitter at the same time.

            It is bitter because looking back; we see the first form of man being bent and leaning forward. The Homo sapiens would see this as an odd feature in comparison to their erect stature. Nonetheless, it the early man was asked, he could have said his nature aided in him not being attacked. We know the story of dinosaurs and other gigantic animals and birds. The food chain included carnivores and herbivores that had a heavy appetite. However, at this time, I believe we were still apes. The good thing with evolution is that the start is hectic where all hands-on-deck are paramount in the creation of better things meant to come later. Revolution on the other hand involves going against current norms with no clear plan of what would occur next if the revolution were deemed to have achieved its purpose. 

            An issue with a revolution is that it is noisy and disruptive. The orchestrators of the revolt intend to actualize their ideas, which they deem would be fit for the citizens of a nation. Looking at some African countries, such revolts would lead to disaster with the innocent citizens die and are maimed in the process: The very same citizens that believe the power of casting a vote. With the idea that that would free them from the masters of oppression, only for them to realize that the very rebellious groups do not conform to authority leading to a catastrophe. Talk of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire! Moreover, many African states are on matters development behind this clause. We tend to go in circles claiming we need this and that yet, the very same advocators of justice and equality swallow massive funds donated by Western organization, who in their jurisdiction, are helping an African country.

            We in the resource-untapped Africa of ours should realize that working in arms is what will work. We need to evolve from this story of slavery and realize that we could learn a thing or two from the African Americans. It is quite selfish to sing to the tune of slavery yet the descendants of the slaves are dominating industries in the United States and other Western parts of the globe. We have the likes of Muhammad Ali who conquered boxing inspiring the likes of Mike Tyson to brace the ring and succeed to international status. Music moguls like Jay Z, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg have proved that they could live their dreams regardless of them being dubbed the N word in a time in history. We as Africans should learn from our brothers and sisters in the States on the value of solidarity despite the odds. If we could do this, African culture will start to ooze into other global cultures; thus, gaining a positive identity of its own. They forgave their oppressors who are now neighbours in the estates they live in with the families. More to this, they forged the identity of the African American.

            Evolution comes into play in the arithmetic of the African American. Morphing it from the cotton fields and salve ships to multi-millionaire labels in different industries in Western economies. Such evolution is the remedy we need to solve our problems as a continent with the thoughts of slavery put behind in the history books. We should develop our African culture based on the massive number of tribes in our stipulated nations. Revolutions are messy and with this Corona pandemic at our necks, messy is not allowed for the sake of our children’s children. We should evolve from the huts, the FGM, early marriages, and inter-community chaos, inhabit to our surrounding environment making it better under current demands and luxuries, and develop the African Culture. I would bet our African Americans would be pleased and honored if we followed this and incidences such as George Floyd would be outdated. It is time we evolved!

Convenience against Consumerism

Convenience is ought to be a mannerism in which we are supposed to achieve satisfaction, unlike consumerism where people act out of guidelines as per to how they should live their days. I am not saying living like a noble is bad, but there are trends and habits we engage in that tend to wipe our identity slowly by the day. In my last article, i wrote on individualism. It is important for us as a people in this 21st century to relish each day as each minute passes doing what we love doing, be it in the corporate space or even in the streets as a hustler. I would believe that economies that thrive globally ensure they use convenience to operate and steward their monetary value. For instance, Singapore at a time as a government credited monies to citizens with national identity cards. So much for being a citizen in such a country.

Consumerism is a mammoth eating away our esteemed culture. It was today i saw a documentary showing the ways of the Maasai people for the 1000th time and thought i should also dive in the cultural bliss. If you look at a Maasai man, you would notice that in his simple dressing he can spend the night in the bush. The shuka can carry a gourd of water and their famed club. A machete would hang on their waist with their feet grimacing the black akalas. This tribe is by most the most convenient as compared to others that are hit by the shadow of consumerism. If you would look at the urban Kenyan youth, fresh in the working environment, apart from the ones finding the loopholes, a majority are on the steep slope of spending and usually in the pursuit of a thrill, perhaps.

The Maasai are nomads, as we all know. They move from place to place and the women build the houses. It is an interesting fact that the use cow dung, which is mixed with some soil, to build their manyattas. They go with their cows everywhere leave alone they move for the cows to find greener fresher pasture. One could now grasp the Maasai’s glory for the prized cattle. If they are thirsty, they get some blood and milk a cow, mix the two and quench their thirst. Talk of convenience. I would think that if we individually fit in our frames and became convenient to our routine duties, there could be a sense in how we spend both our time and money.

Borrowing a leaf from the West, Eli Whitney popularized interchangeable parts in the United States. Before this, machines and equipment were produced once and that was it. No repairs and no replacements. The machinery had to wear out then companies would get new equipment. In the first years of the 19th Century, Eli Whitney came up with the idea of interchangeable parts and that was the onset of repairing machines and manufacture of spare parts. One man created jobs for millions of young Americans in industries that came up in gun production and spare parts. This here is why i am for convenience, the economy became strong. It was in this age that the United States soared to greater heights primarily because of their industrial forwardness at a time results demanded sufficient input. Eli Whitney is remembered for this ingenious thought that ensured society was just fine.

Consumerism is somewhat overrated as it is as if one strives to be in the upmost level they could imagine themselves to be in. There was a time i heard someone claim they could not find the reason as to why people driving those massive fuel guzzlers end up in suicide. I could say that with consumerism, there is no authentic glamour as compared to being convenient in one’s routine operations. A consumer would wake up in the morning and rely on money to make their day happen. This is very different from having a business and planning the day in accordance to the order of business. I could say that too is convenience.

Convenience and consumerism appear to be the same but are opposites looking at the results. Walk in the streets of Spain and find shoes with soles made out of rope. A family has committed to making these pairs of shoes and exporting them to other parts of the world. It is such culture that we need in this Africa. If it were for consumerism, the shoes would be factory made as opposed to their signature of them being hand-stitched. Convenience is better.

Our African Jungle,

A global atmosphere is putting Africa on the map. We have seen rebranding from coming from all over the continent with avenues such as the fourth estate wearing new outfits. I can say the campaign started with our very own foot soldiers since time immemorial. Is the fight for independence history? I would say not. See, it was during that time that the world was relieving itself from oppression and that is where the Greats such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X and Mahatma Gandhi came to exist. It was during the age of industrialization, with the likes of Eli Whitney coming up with the interchangeable parts of machinery. Can you believe there was a period in history where machines were manufactured as a whole? I mean there was a time where equipment was made whole without any spares and of course without any replacements.

            There was such a time in history, a time when Great Britain had colonies across the world. It would send administrators who at that time were jolly they secured employment and could travel. They were the same administrators who whipped the living hell out of our fore fathers in cotton farms, striving to make the annual quota of raw cotton that was required to build the textile industry in Britain. The rise of Mahatma Gandhi saw him boycott British textiles for two years; he himself milled cotton into fine fabric, which the citizens of India proudly wore. Mahatma beat and crushed the British textile industry in India and he was proud of it. The blow was a heavy one that saw Mahatma receive invitation to visit Britain and see for himself the unemployment he had caused to the Britain textile workforce that amounted to close to 50,000 workers.

            Mahatma was a humble dude; he told the Brits there were 5 million Indian citizens that would receive employment opportunities if the textile industry were home-based. Could the use of heavy machinery by the Brits became a disadvantage as the product was intended for the global market? Is civilization the onset of oppression? I ask deeper questions with the intent of understanding a growth mindset. In Britain, they were doing a great a deal providing employment and relief for its citizens at the expense of other citizens of other nations. I would believe this is the struggle we have when it comes to bringing Africa to its feet. We need to co-exist without the spear throwing and the cattle rustling and learn a few lessons from these other developed continents.  

            Our African jungle is said to be full of fruits and cool waters. It is true, let us forget the tale of how some of us were kept in ships for years only for their seeds to be put in cotton farms. Slavery was mean as hell! Imagine yourself being put in the lowest deck of a ship to row and row for moons with the master’s mind set at your seed. I feel for those slaves, God rest your souls. It is through such that great nations were built, super-powered tags created and the continent of Africa continues to struggle with education, culture, and receiving limelight from other developed nation. To those that understand the journey of a civilization, there has to be a generation or two that must stand in place and build a foundation, more like a staircase to ensure and facilitate the growing of younger generations. With this said I come again and salute the slaves for spreading the African seed across the globe. Thanks for the story that would barricade our oppression from any side regardless of class and stature.

            Just like the Americans used media to highlight their culture, just like the Brits championed for the welfare of its citizens regardless of the consequences, we in this African jungle should stand up and embrace being African, it is in the air. Just breathe!

Out Of The Box.

It is a year since I published The Man Box. Since then, I have met with folks that have given me the high five and some simply gave me the middle finger. It is okay, as this was quite a revelation I thought I should share. The man box is an enigma that blocks the progress of our very species. It was through a Ted show that I first learnt about the man box. Tony Porter is a huge advocate for the awareness on matters pertaining the Man Box. For quite such a long time, men have undergone societal pressures that force t hem into depression, suicide, and other mental health issues. However, this is a real gargoyle feasting on the masculine gender. A hidden force of darkness that eats us to the extent of developing violent behavior against women and young girls, binge drinking in bars (I can attest to this), and depression. I am sure, if we look at our neighbors and go against the phrase do not remove the speck in my eye before removing the log on your side, then we would have healthy manhood.

            It being 2020, the Corona Virus has maimed social order across the globe. However, it might be a positive aspect, as individualism is becoming a virtue we can see amongst our friends and neighbours. With the halt of the usual consumerism habits, people across the world have stayed indoors, bonded with family, and protected each other from the deadly Rona. Individualism that was taken away by technology, internet, and social media is fresh in the air. It is through this individualism that the men folk will get back to their intended purpose with the support of the women and young girls. The negative of sexual violence against the women is a chain strung through the ankle of most men in this modern society. They see women as objects and being of less value to their male friends. It is with this mentality that the women have stood up and engaged catalytic campaigns worldwide  This is a nice gesture our sisters have adopted through the years, sadly, it means that if men have abused women because of the pressures of being masculine, then this has gone on for quite a long time.

            I could say I have being in a box that is purposed to make me dominate, and sort of binge drink. It is right for men to seek dominance, authority, and the right to the body of a woman. It is also right for women to be respected in the aspect they get reason and conversation instead of violence. Men could then share their issues and avoid going in depression. It is of recent times that our President Kenyatta, has stressed on issues concerning mental health. In addition, the role of the youth lies in handling pivots to social order, as they wait upon other younger generations to play their part once they are grouped between the ages of 18 and 35. With awareness on matters such as the Man Box, we could find solutions to nagging issues we face today, issues that derail the whole nation leading to some of our citizens to commit suicide and violence against children and women.

            In the pursuit of dominance, power, and authority, we are losing young men who are purposed to be elders of our very society at one point in time. With the high cases of mental health, depression, and suicide among our men, it is difficult for the society to focus on facing challenges brought about by their environment. In this time 2020, there is an upsurged number of single parenthood as opposed to other times in history. I remember when I was a small boy, I used to know single parenthood was because of losing one’s spouse and I was sorry for the family. Fast forward to 2020 where gin excites my throat and single parenthood is the order of the day. However, I do not feel sorry anymore, maybe for the ones that have really lost spouses. The Man Box has to go for the couples to understand each other and use technology, the internet, and social media to their advantage, as opposed to the notion of necessity where we are dependent on these devices. There was a time I wrote about technology stealing our values, heritage, and behaviors as people of African descent. If we could tackle this gargoyle Man Box, I am sure we could catapult President Uhuru’s dream of sustaining the youth in the country.

            As for me, I am counting days I sit at the sina taabu sipping my cold drink conscious of the claws of binge drinking keeping the Man Box at bay; I believe we will have a stronger elderly nation in our time. In the meantime, individualism is becoming a golden affair make sure you embrace it.

Parrots Vs. Sophia

For the longest time, i have thought of having a parrot in my living room. It making noise and disturbing the peace every time a person came or left the house. I would place it at the top right corner of the living room, a place it could at least see the sun rise or even set if it was lucky, he he. I believe that during the creation of earth and living organisms, the parrot is quite a special bird. A bird that can talk! I would wish to have like four of them in a room and listen to them all day just to blow steam and share my problems with these unique birds. And who said the dog was man’s best friend! I could disagree to this 100% I’d rather get a parrot.

It was last year when the famed Sophia graced world stages with her eloquent voice. It is an achievement to human history, i cannot detest that. However, i would find it hysterical to engage a machine crafted out of Artificial Intelligence possess similar attributes to that of a person. It was dumbfounding that people around Sophia were eager to ask it questions with the intent of measuring and gauging its intellectual capacity. Over the weekend i got to sit with an IT specialist who got me to understand the workings of AI. So, i understand that it comprises of three layers with the core at the center. He continued to explain that Sophia learns from her immediate surroundings and engages with people based on their intellect. At this point, i asked what would happen if the machine got to sit with a genius, let’s say Newton or even the famed Einstein, would Sophia become a master of information, data, and man? I was scared at this point as i figured the world might be coming to a sudden halt. Could Arnold Schwarzenegger be right in his movie series The Terminator? I would hope not, it is my wish to visit Brasil one day and dance with one of those dames i see in music videos. The IT guy won and i was left pondering what nature had as ammunition. Parrots was the first thing that popped up.

Parrots consist of 350 different varieties with most of them being found in South and Central America. These birds learn language by listening then they repeat what they have heard. Over a specified period, the parrot could be able to communicate with its owner. Here is where i swing heavy, with AI, the machines learn from listening to their respondents over a specified period too! Isn’t that a buzz kill for AI enthusiasts. Hence, parrots defy the very basics of the self-proclaimed AI. More so, with parrots, one could at least have one in their lifetime. (They can live for 80 years.) My question begs, could we be at the brink of mental exhaustion? I mean, gone are the days researchers and scientists relied on nature to validate their claims. Nowadays, technology is thought to be the end game. It was recently the United States Military envisioned a helicopter from a dragon fly, you get my point? Nature swings hard.

With Africa showing off its beauty, the male African gray parrot shines for its prowess in beating the other 349 types of parrots in language efficiency, intelligence, and color. So, which corner of the ring are you? are you with the parrot or are you checking out Sophia!